In today’s business environment, the management of strategic growth and operating expenses is essential. Enterprises understand their “core” business but often lack the precise expertise or staff to fully implement their plans through their operations.  As a result, companies frequently fail to achieve their potential or meet their plans. VENTOM helps Enterprises bridge the gap between “as is” and “the vision.”

Consulting Expertise

VENTOM offers client services to improve revenue growth, operations and profits in the following areas:

  • Sales Force Development
  • Expense reduction without reducing  headcount
  • Strategic planning
  • Management coaching & mentoring      
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Implementation 
  • Process improvement
  • Federal funding & sales to government agencies

Measurable Benefits to Client Companies

VENTOM is performance driven and results-oriented.  Our objective is to provide clearly measurable benefits to our client companies:

  • Greater efficiency in operational “spend”by eliminating and controlling expenses
  • Increased profitability (without reducing headcount)
  • Faster, profitable growth through more effective implementation of a strategic plan
  • Greater profitability and cash flow by better implementation of plans & operations
  • Lower product and service cost by improving productivity
  • Better competitive positioning through better cost positioning & customer service
  • Quick and relevant impact to EBITD Athrough the immediate realization of results   
  • Increased Sales by better hiring and sales force development